Efficient and reliable over a wide range of voltages, this split type air conditioner will quickly and quietly cool the air, or heat it up.
Turn it on, pick your temperature and feel the comfort of Whirtrix.

Multirange voltage_pattern


Efficient cooling & heating

The WhirTrix Multi-Range Voltage Inverter quickly and efficiently cools or heats up the air in a room. There are 5 speeds of fan to choose from to adjust the intensity of the wind to your liking. Able to function over a wide range of voltages, this split-type air conditioner is perfect for the home, office or hotel.

Quiet and eco-friendly

The WhirTrix Multi-Range Inverter is cool, constant and quiet. At 22dB the sound of this air conditoner is at the level of leaves rustling in a breeze, making it perfect for hospitality. Sleep Mode, once activated, will run at lower capacity; maintaining a narrow temperature range for energy-efficient running. In the event of a power cut, the multi-range inveroter will automatically restart with the same settings.

Technologically advanced

The WhirTrix Multi-Range Inverter was designed with a fireproof control box to provide lsafe and secure performance. Smart airflow features prevent overheating, maintain uptimes and extend the component's life span.


This is a split-type air conditioner suitable for offices, homes and hospitality. The refrigerant is R104a and the unit comes in 12k, 18k and 24k. For full specifications please download the sheet below.


The WhirTrix Multi-Range Voltage Inverter is available in Zimbabwe through local distributors.